I was a poor poor art student when I decided to start a blog documenting the process of my paintings, photography, drawings and journaling. Now a recent art grad, not much has changed other than the label and maybe a change of scenery.

March 26, 2009

follow through.

I recently talked to some of my friends about myself and my artistic habits.

I said, without really thinking "I am in love with the ideation process, it's the follow through that I have trouble with."

It was as though I was unconsciously speaking for myself, a wake up call if you can say.

So now is a time to set the procrastination aside, the tentative speaking as well and actually 'follow through.'Lay down some marks.

But before that, I do have some ideas I am quite excited about.

My father is number one. And the idea of him being in the working class, an Asian male in a white society and the sacrifices it currently has had on our father and daughter relationship.

Also, I am concentrating on painting from life. I have what I call a ‘sketch canvas’ and have decided to paint myself by looking in a mirror. I like the rapid use of my marks and not over-doing my mark making (which I have been known to do). I am also going to paint one of my friends from life, on a stretched canvas. Alice Neel inspires me with this idea, mainly because she was able to capture the person’s persona or a special quality without exact details. I still like the thought that you never really know someone until they actually tell you through words, however you can still gain an idea of who they are just by their presence.

And finally, third would be the organic lines and movement that come from things such as cracks, tears/rips, and roots. This I would consider a study by doing them on small canvases, seeing how they work and then moving to a larger canvas. I became interested in this by looking at them and realizing they almost appear as marks, which is something I strive to convey in my paintings.

There you have it. So, for now that is what I have my mindset on. Shall I say, all of this is to be continued....

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  1. Hi Kiley,
    Your mom has shared your blog site with me at the office. You are awesome and very entertaining. I love to see what you are doing now and all the growth you have shown through the years. Yes, I even remember your mom sharing pictures from elementary school. I can't help but believe there are great things ahead for you. Dare to Dream and Believe It! Thanks for keeping me from my work on a Friday morning. Take care, Raedi