I was a poor poor art student when I decided to start a blog documenting the process of my paintings, photography, drawings and journaling. Now a recent art grad, not much has changed other than the label and maybe a change of scenery.

September 30, 2009

culture day.

Win Young Huie

^This one shown above here reminds me of my Grandmother's house. Maybe not as much chinese scrawls on the wall, however a definite mix of american and asian life style.

I came across this artist while researching for events near by. Wing Young Huie was born in China and now resides in Minneapolis, with his own photography salon. Wing Young Huie has a remarkable eye for capturing the essence of a person's surroundings as well as their very own well-being. The fact that he photographs images of multi-cultural and minorities in the U.S. is something that fascinates me as well. It is as though he is trying to talk about the stereotypes/cliches of what some may think minorities (Asians especially) are like in America. His images are direct, thought provoking and what I am looking to say in my paintings. See more of his series here: Wing Young Huie

Beverly McIver

As I was washing my brushes I was looking at the wall at art magazine clippings, which I'm guessing are there similar to seeing the advertisements in a bathroom stall. My eyes came across the artist Beverly McIver and an image of a african american woman with a mask on her face. I suddenly had a flashback, and this was an artist that I recall visiting Stout. I can't remember if she had artwork in the Furlong, however I did attend her presentation. I recall McIver because of a) her marks on her paintings are AMAZING as well as the use of arbitrary colors and b) she talked about how she taught and at the end of the year gave a painting away to one student. Seeing her image again reminded me the use of colors that aren't apparent to the naked eye, rather you have to squint to see them. It also pushed me to further investigate my own Vietnamese roots, because I think there's a story there. You can check out her website at: http://beverlyjmciver.com (however it wasn't working for me, you can find different websites about her through google).

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