I was a poor poor art student when I decided to start a blog documenting the process of my paintings, photography, drawings and journaling. Now a recent art grad, not much has changed other than the label and maybe a change of scenery.

October 25, 2009

cold feet.

now is not the time to get cold feet, this i realize.
my senior show is in april, i have a painting critique on
tuesday, and multiple projects pulling me in every which
direction. and yet, i find myself wanting to forgo all these

i'm not a fan of beginnings, alright with middles and sad
to see things end. however, beginnings or firsts of anything
seem to be my biggest downfall, my procrastination sets in
and i find myself glued in one position and not wanting
to move.

today, after a weekend of work i found myself wanting
to stay in the comforts of my home. sometimes i really
hate applied arts, my studio space, this linoleum floor
and the fact that i don't see the sunlight for hours at end.
and yet, i know i will miss this when it's all said and done.
it's just that i have to keep reminding myself that lately.

so what is this post trying to say? what am i trying to get
at to you (my audience) here? your guess is better than mine,
i suppose i just felt like venting.

but i will say, a professor during class the other day talked
about how else can we be motivated to come in and paint?
we should be in our studios all the time and be working non-
stop to create art, because once we've received that fake diploma
on stage, chances are we won't create art again.

i won't say i will be that statistic, nor will i not be either.
i do realize that right now i've got it made, i'm in a world called
college vs. the real world. and it's just going to get tougher, it's
not like i'm teaching a class, am a mother or have major dilemmas
in my life.

so if i'm getting cold feet now to make art in all forms, then
perhaps i'm shit out of luck.

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