I was a poor poor art student when I decided to start a blog documenting the process of my paintings, photography, drawings and journaling. Now a recent art grad, not much has changed other than the label and maybe a change of scenery.

October 6, 2009

i am my mother's only one.

last week, tamara put on some music that i felt an instant connection to...the chords, the pace, the haunting echos of the singer seemed to capture the movement in my mark making. so i asked her, who is this musician? she said, bon iver.

i have talked to a few people how i am so transfixed by this artist, and heard their stories of how they too get that eerie sense of self when listening to his tracks.

i have only listened to one song for the most part over and over: flume.

i did some research on this band and i come to find out bon iver is french for good winter. it's actually one artist who did the song 'flume' and other songs on his cd 'For Emma, Forever Ago.' His name is Justin Vernon and he is a native to Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Apparently, the story goes that after a breakup with his band and girlfriend, he escaped to his father's cabin in northern wisconsin, where he spent all of his time isolated. he ended up writing and recording songs by himself with the little equipment he had. It boggled my mind, but it made me like him even more. Maybe because I understood how he felt, a lost artist. maybe because I want that too: to be able to just escape and sort out my thoughts in a remote forest surrounded by trees and cold. depressing? very much so, but i'm so envious.


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