I was a poor poor art student when I decided to start a blog documenting the process of my paintings, photography, drawings and journaling. Now a recent art grad, not much has changed other than the label and maybe a change of scenery.

August 15, 2010

botanical bizzness

a few months back i went on a bike ride here in the burbs and stumbled upon a fantastic trail that led me to fantastic wildlife. nothing exciting like redwoods or waterfalls, more like prairie grasses and native minnesota flowers. the first time around i sketched them fast and later applied gouache to the drawings. now i'm thinking this could go somewhere. since i enjoy doing it & it doesn't take an insane amount of time to complete, i want to create little paintings and put them in custom designed second hand frames.
second bike ride i took pictures, i haven't identified them yet but will soon.

i'm not sure if it'll be better to paint from life or photograph, so that's something to experiment on. my real goal here is to shoot for simplicity. don't overstate what's there. they're flowers, how more complicated should that get?

taking a picture on top of a high hill (and perhaps catching my breath) check out the yellow tree.

August 11, 2010

location location location.

i got the chance to see a fellow coworker and artist Michaela's art show at this japanese restaurant in uptown called moto-i. i've gone to uptown "area" since i was little. i always asked my mom to lock the doors because well lake street has street cred as a bad hood. however, it seems that you hop a few streets over and you've reached the current artist mecca.

i'm living at my mom's until i can get my act and benjamins together. so i've been in the suburbs outside of the cities, disconnected from people my age, art shows going on and anything that relates to things i really enjoy. sure i can walk into a mcdonald's without looking behind my back or walk to my car alone, but it doesn't matter where you are shit happens.

so like i said, went to uptown just a few streets down from where i normally venture. it's weird. one side there's a white castle and people waiting under a bus station and the other side it's all youthful white hipster people smoking outside trendy bars and roof top restaurants. i don't like describing these displays of cliches however i'm an observant person and observance means documenting my accounts.

the reason i'm so critical is because being in the "art scene" i've noticed that people don't want to conform. they want to express themselves as an individual and be set apart. but all i saw in that area, in that bar is conformity. all i saw was thick rimmed glasses, flannel, beards, and the current blasting in my ear. and i always thought i wanted to be in that area, but i'm wondering if i would just add to the population (seriously i felt like i was in an urban outfitter store). would i change as well to fit in? or would i feel out of place, like i did at that uptown bar tonight?

maybe this could become a series (always turning that bigger question into art) or maybe i shouldn't care. all i know is, i'm currently undecided. what's new.

i'm more motivated than i seem.

i was having a few drum solo's during stapling. i think my neighbors are starting to question my sanity as well as my college degree.

cleanliness is godliness. why my mother doesn't trust me, i'll never understand.

having a weekday off isn't always horrible. sure i miss out on the parties and happenin' things goin' on duing a fri/sat/sun, but there are upsides to having your weekend start on a wednesday and end on a thursday. like there's better television shows on, the lines aren't as long wherever you go and everything seems more relaxed.

today being declared an art day, i stretched the canvases and put tape around the sides. then around 11 pm i gessoed the tops (in air conditioning). it went pretty smoothly. i never used to appreciate making stretchers and gesso'ing, i saw it as a tedious process and a detour towards the ultimate destination of painting. but now, as my carpentry skills grow, i realize i actually enjoy the process. instead of slapping together some pieces of precut bought wood from dickblick, i get to make decisions and use my perfectionist qualities and make sure everything is flawless. i don't trust many people when it comes to handling my artwork and this is just another situation in that case. besides why would i want to give up that zen/relaxed feeling? in the end the hard work normally pays off.

tomorrow is another day off...time for ideation/conceptual/sketching process. maybe after some fun summer outdoor activities though, gotta get my intake of vitamin d.

August 4, 2010

oh those summer days.

oh hey, if you still follow this blog you'll notice that the updates have been non-existent since may. about 3 months. what can i say? after a big transition like senior show, graduation, moving out of wisconsin, moving back to minnesota, working almost 40 hours a week...there have been just a few changes...and the excuses go on, but the posts remain stagnant.

here's to changing that. my professor tamara said i spoke tentatively and since then i have made it a point not to do that. and trying not to sink into post-grad depression, there are tentative moments to be had. but my main goal right now is to not worry about work that's going to land me in shows or is conceptually developed (i have some, but you don't think i'm gonna spill them on here do you?)...and just paint. which in all honesty, is nice not to have pressure of a deadline or people looking over at my space seeing what i'm going to paint next. so i'm going to start small paintings (oil and gouache) of still lifes and flowers and sell them for some small cash. etsy, or something like that. and paint on stretchers and small pieces of paper. here's the pictures of probably the most motivating day i have had this summer.

like mother, like daughter.

connie is a craftswoman and i am simply a schmoozer.

all of this wood and soon to be stretched canvas are all scraps and small pieces left over from larger projects. since i'm confined to a smaller space, have a tight budget of no-cash and have to share my space with my parental, it's probably the right thing to do. stay tuned for more pics of what's going to be put on the surface....